Gap Plus Combined Cover Insurance (Vehicle Replacement)

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Vehicle Replacement

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Should your vehicle be declared a Total Loss, the insurance will pay the shortfall between the settlement offered by the motor insurer and the cost of a replacement vehicle matching the specification of the original.

If the vehicle purchased was made with a finance agreement and the outstanding finance balance at the point it's written off is greater than the replacement vehicle cost, this insurance will pay the shortfall between the value of the vehicle when it was written off and any finance balance that remains outstanding.

Cover will include up to a maximum of £1,000 motor insurance excess.

  • Covers New & Used Cars
  • Cover from 1 to 5 years
  • Covers Dealers Discounts
  • Covers Increase in Car List Price
  • Unlimited Claim Limits on vehicles up to £50k
  • Covers All Factory Fitted Optional Extras
  • Covers Insurance Excess Up To £1,000
  • Covers all drivers on your insurance policy


Vehicle Retail Price: £25,000
Car Insurance Pays: £15,000
Gap pays: £10,000

With Gap Plus Combined Cover Insurance (Vehicle Replacement) you get back the full £25,000 replacement price of the vehicle!  Even if the price of the car has increased in price.

Vehicle Retail Price: £25,000
Motor insurance pays: £15,000
Gap pays: £10,000

You receive £25,000 in total.  The finance company are owed £17,000.

You keep the £8,000 balance after the finance has been settled.


Once you make your payment your policy documents will be forwarded to you (please allow up to 2 hours).

You will also receive a confirmation of payment. Both should be retained.

If you do not receive your policy documents and/or payment confirmation please call us on 0113 460 78 00.

Total loss is a judgement made by your insurer when your vehicle has been written off as a result of accidental damage, your own or third-party fault, vandalism, theft or fire.

Once you have made a claim under the motor insurance and your claim has been agreed, the vehicle title has been transferred to the motor insurer, and a payment has then been made as a result of the incident, then your car can be declared a total loss.

You can either make a single payment via credit or debit card with no extra card charges, or you can spread the cost over 12 months.

The latter is administered by an independent agency and a small administrative fee will be applied.

To be able to make a valid claim, you should ensure that the policy is in the name of the registered keeper, owner or hirer of the insured vehicle.

It covers up to £1,000 excess should you make a Total Loss claim.

Please read the policy terms and conditions for a full list of exclusions.

As an internet provider who specialises in gap insurance, we do not have the overheads of some of our competitors. This means that we can provide premium products at more competitive prices.

Gap insurance will include all drivers covered on your comprehensive motor insurance policy.

This is a one-off premkum.

You can either make a single payment via credit or debit card with no extra card charges, or you can spread the cost over 12 months.

The latter is administered by an independent agency and a small administrative fee will be applied.

At the end of the transition period (1st January 2021), you will need to get yourself an International Driving Permit and a green card to ensure your insurance is valid if you intend to drive your vehicle in an EU country. You will also need a GB sticker for your car.

Brexit has no impact on gap insurance. Any gap insurance policy will remain valid if you drive in Europe - however, you do need to be covered by a fully comprehensive cover for the policy to be valid in the first place and this will require a green card from your insurer.

Our policy will payout even if you were at fault for the incident that caused the car to be written off. A full list of exclusions is set out in the terms and conditions of your policy.

You can make one transfer during the period of insurance.

If you sell your vehicle, provided that no claim has been made under this insurance, you may transfer the remaining cover to the replacement vehicle, subject to our agreement. No fee will apply for this transfer. A new schedule will be issued confirming the replacement vehicle details. Where the replacement vehicle is deemed to be of a higher value you may be required to pay an additional premium. The cover will not include the costs of any refinancing.

In the event of bereavement, the remaining benefits of this insurance may be transferred to the policyholder's spouse or partner.

If you purchased a car for £20,000, but when it is declared a Total Loss your insurer offers you £14,000, then you could be left with a £6,000. If you had taken out Vehicle Replacement gap insurance from Premium Gap, your policy would cover that £6,000 deficit. If the cost of a replacement vehicle of the same specification had increased since you made your purchase, a vehicle replacement policy would cover that shortfall. If your £20,000 vehicle now sold for £22,000 but your insurer was only paying £14,000, you would receive a shortfall payment of £8,000.

If your written off vehicle was purchased using a finance agreement your vehicle replacement policy would ensure your lender received the outstanding balance, while you would keep the difference. If the amount outstanding was greater than the initial purchase price, your policy would pay the outstanding balance.

A full list of exclusions is included in your policy document, but some of the main reasons for a policy being in default include driving while under the influence of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, the vehicle is used in illegal activity, fraud or an act of wilful negligence such as leaving the keys in the ignition while paying for fuel.

You can take out vehicle replacement gap insurance for a used car, but as cars depreciate rapidly during the first three years it may make more sense for new cars. The amount of shortfall you will be left with if your car is declared a Total Loss is likely to be greater for new cars.

You can claim on your policy once your vehicle has been declared a total loss by your motor insurer. The process will then follow these steps:

1. First, call our friendly claims line on 01869 232 563
2. Fill out our easy to understand claims form
3. We will then check your paperwork
4. Your money will then be issued to you by way of bank transfer

Once your car has been written off (Total Loss), your remaining finance agreement will be paid and the outstanding balance and your financial commitment will come to an end.