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Fortunately gap insurance policies have very few exclusions and are very simple policies, however we are asked many times what is not covered and have produced a list of the main points:

Any claim where the Total Loss is caused by an accident when the driver of Your Vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or drugs not prescribed by a registered medical practitioner or drugs prescribed by a registered medical practitioner in respect of which a warning against driving is given.

Any person driving who is not covered as a named driver on your comprehensive insurance.

Any claim where the Total Loss occurs outside the Geographical Area or arises as a consequence of war, terrorism, civil commotion or riot.

Any claim which is the subject of fraud or dishonesty or you have used the vehicle in a criminal activity.

Theft committed by any person who has authorised access to the keys of your Vehicle.

Any vehicle which has a Purchase Price in excess of £75,000 unless it has a Thatcham approved tracking device, it has been modified other than in accordance with the manufacturer's specification; is used as a taxi or minicab, used for any other type of hire or reward, including peer to peer vehicle rental & short term rental schemes, emergency vehicles, or heavy goods vehicles over 3,500 GVW, mini-buses, quad bike and trikes. Your Vehicle if it is used for road-racing, rallying, pace-making, speed testing, or any other competitive event and has the prior consent of Platinum Gap.

Any vehicle on our Pre-Approval list where pre-approval has not been agreed.

Any vehicle over 10 years old or more than 100,000 miles at the time of policy purchase (or 8 years old and 80,000 miles when purchasing Vehicle Replacement Insurance).

Any vehicle not shown in Glasses Guide.

Your vehicle if it is driven by any person not holding a valid, current licence to drive your Vehicle except in the event of theft.

Please see the policy wording for full terms & conditions.